What’s DDownload.com?

DDownload.com is an international service for safe file transfer, storage, backup, and distribution. They has been around for a long term of time.

If you are looking for a secure and bigger space for file storage, DDownload is one of the most popular international service for providing fast and safe file transferring, distribution and storage backup. DDownload.com servers’ transfer speed is one of the fastest and the storage is nearly unlimited, uploading, storing, and secure sharing of your files on the internet. You don’t need to buy an external device or delete your old files, files storage websites like DDownload.com will act as your hard rive where you can store and access your data every time you need it.

DDownload.com offers an uploading space of up to 2 GB for each file (not the maximum space). They have stable servers with huge Storage and a very fast transfer speed. For video files, DDownload allows you to download and stream movies in the highest possible quality. This means you do not really have to wait for a long time before you are able to watch your movies and save more time only at DDownload.com.

There are a lot of ways to upload your files through DDownload.com. You can transfer files by browsing files from you hard-drive, you can provide a link and use the Remote Upload option or use a program in your computer like FTP (file transfer protocol).

Why buy DDownload from Premium.us?

Because we are DDownload Reseller – a Professionally Authorized Reseller. We are using 256-bit encryption in SSL secure on all page and 1-click checkout to make our customer feels comfortable. Of course, fast delivery is important feature which we provide.

What are advantages of DDownload.com?

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  • Maximum speed
  • Watch online
  • No advertising
  • Priority support

Premium users are limited to 100GB download per day, and it can be changed in any case if decided by DDownload Administration.